Wildfood Party!

Wildfood Party!

We had a wildfood cookup a few weeks ago.

Main dish is ‘Akebi no nikuzume’ アケビの肉詰め Mince-filled Akebi skins, simmered in a sugary soy sauce soup. This is a recipe from Tohoku. In most of Japan people eat the inside of the Akebi fruit, and throw away the bitter skins.

The rice is ‘Mukago Gohan’ むかごごはん (wild yam rice) . These tiny pea sized potato like bulbs grow on vines in trees, and in Autumn we can pick pockets full of them on a countryside walk. They can be eaten raw, but mukago gohan is one of my favourite dishes. Served hot with a dash of butter and a splashing of soy sauce, yum! The bulbs drop off the vine in late Autumn, and the vines diw off over Winter. In Spring, the bulbs grow into new vines and the old root also sends out new vines, so they are pretty tough plants. The root is a much sort after Autumn delicacy in Japan. Good yams will go for US$30-40 each !! It is called Yamaimo 山芋, and is sticky like glue.

Posted by Damon Bay on 2012-11-12 13:44:48

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